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Legal Notice



The site is administered by the company Miss Merry, a sole proprietorship registered with the RCF, Siren 851 766 600, Frejus.


Miss Merry is registered under the status of Microenterprise under the simplified reality regime. As such, Miss Merry has a total exemption from VAT under article art.293B of the CGI "VAT not applicable".

The invoices edited by Miss Merry are therefore VAT-FREE invoices. Miss Merry's head office is located at the following address:

Contact details - legal representative

Legal representative: Tsezarov Boyan, manager

83600, Frejus, France


Intellectual property

All software creations present on our sites, administration back-offices, services offered are original creations and are protected by Copyright. All of the components of the site skeleton (photos, images, logos, etc.) are also protected by copyright. The contents of the site (texts, articles, etc.) are the exclusive property of their authors and may not be reproduced or used without their agreement.



In accordance with CNIL recommendation 2005-284, Miss Merry has not been declared as such. However, all processing of files or data on the site has been declared to the CNIL via the NS-48 form (Client-prospect file), and a commitment to comply. : 1670989 V 0 of 07/05/2013

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